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5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is Good For Your Small Business

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The idea of marketing in general is to connect customers to your business. Traditional forms of marketing like TV ads and radio ads are becoming increasingly more difficult to justify spending the amount they require. There are many people that listen to the radio and watch TV. But not everyone is doing that. Digital marketing gives a business free rain to put ads and their business in front of people on the internet through Social Media, Google Ads, and SEO. EVERY business needs digital marketing and its important you understand why you need it. Some important reasons include:

1. Affordability

According to lyfemarketing, the average cost you spend per 1,000 views on social media or website marketing is $2.50. While TV ads can cost $28.00 per 1,000 views and for direct mail you are spending $58.00 per 1,000 views. When you learn that digital marketing is also scalable and you are able to make changes on the fly, it makes perfect sense to start incorporating more funds into digital marketing so you are really being seen.

2. Customers are on the Internet Now

When it comes to researching and making purchases, more and more customers are utilizing the internet as its convenient and fast. So it makes sense to have information about your business easily found by the customer. It creates a feeling of convenience for the customer which equates to value. Search engines like google are what they are using and digital marketing helps your business be seen there. Amazon is a convenient way for customers to shop and if you have an online cart for your product, customers find that ordering from a website or submitting questions to a website is easier. According to internetlivestats, we now know there are over 5.3 Billion people online. That is basically the entire world.

3. Flexibility in a Crunch

With TV ads, mailers, and radio ads, you do not have the ability to change, take away, or increase the frequency of the content in real time. You would basically shoot the commercial or ad and that would be it and the allotted times that you paid or people you sent mailers to. In a pinch, this just is not doable. You may realize you made an error or something was not quite right about the ad. With Digital Marketing, there are so many different avenues to use to put your business online. The cool part of it all is you have the ability to make changes or make stops to the ads in real time so you are not wasting your money and time.

4. Multimedia

It is no secret that customers and people that view your content will like it more when you incorporate things like audio, video clips, photos, and interactive widgets. How would one be able to view a video reading a news paper or when listening to the radio? Having content that customers find engaging can and will help your business look more professional. Along with that, you have boost to your SEO and SERP rankings when you put a well done video or photo on your content. But most importantly, you can give your brand a story and face much easier than traditional methods.

5. Improve Customer Relations With Digital Marketing

You just released your TV ad and its a hit! But when getting back to the office the following Monday, you find your inbox full of questions pertaining to the ad. Some customers were frustrated with the lack of timely communication and threatened to stop purchasing your products or services. If there was just a way to be able to communicate in real time with them, it would have saved the day. Digital Marketing, like putting your content social media gives you the chance to be apart of the conversation right away and in real time with your customers and potential customers. Email Marketing and social media marketing are an effective way to improve customer relations and to help build value to your brand through trust.

Why Digital Marketing is good for your small business takeaways

  • Costs much less to do digital marketing compared to traditional methods

  • The opportunity to engage more potential customers by switching to digital marketing is there

  • Able to make changes to digital advertising in real time

  • Engaging and keeping clients on your ads with multimedia options

  • Improve customer relations by being part of the conversation

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