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3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Works For Your Business

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

With Hemmer Media Consulting's flexible email marketing campaigns and designs, its easy to send content and deals that really click with your customers.

Every established business has lots of customers and potential customers to keep happy and in the know. Have a deal or an announcement about the business? The best way to share these things outside of social media is an email campaign. Digital Marketing has a dedicated arm to email campaigns. You can announce things about your business and best yet, you can direct viewers to go to specific social media pages or certain pages of your website. All of the website visitors that signed up for your newsletter should be getting periodic emails from you with information, deals, and announcements. This keeps the user engaged and creates value with them. With value, comes trust and that end game is a sale.

Email Marketing is essential for business with both a small and large customer base. Email Marketing is used widely by businesses to keep their customers engaged and in a community of sorts. Here I will explain some of the key points and factors of why Email Marketing


Reach Out To Customers

The answer is simple and that is REACH. Email Marketing gives you unprecedented reach, only comparable with social media. Where social media falls short, Email Marketing fills the gap. Over half the world population has email and uses it daily. It is a very safe assumption that almost every customer or potential customer you come across will be using email. Email Marketing also helps you build brand awareness. Brand awareness is that intangible quality that enables your customers to choose you over competitors. Simply stated, the better they know your business, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Email Marketing is Measurable

Numbers are such a huge piece to any marketers or business's arsenal. Having things measurable and able to analyze costs are very important. Email Marketing makes accounting and measuring easy. Hemmer Media Consulting gives your business numbers like:

  • Click Rates

  • Delivery Reports

  • Percentage of Clicks

  • Emails Opened by Geography

  • Emails Opened by Device/Browser

With these numbers and stats you can figure out how much you are spending compared to how many customers open these emails. Like any other arm of Hemmer Media Consulting Digital Marketing plan, Email Marketing is measurable and will be presented after each email campaign is completed.

Customer Acquisition and the Final Sale

Well done Email Marketing Campaigns will address the needs and wants of a potential customer. When you address needs you start to build trust and a solid relationship with them. After that relationship is established you may use call-to-action options and they are almost guaranteed a new customer for you.

As you can see above, the graph represents the percentage of acquisitions done by different media platforms. Email Marketing is 2nd to organic search in customer acquisition. Granted this graph is from the years 2009-2013 but you can see the trend is going UP and continues to do so to this day. In 2012-2013 McKinsey did a consumer survey about how customers access a place to make a purchase. Most of them said they found places to purchase via organic search on google but Email Marketing is 2nd to that. Email Marketing is an essential piece of your Digital Marketing arm and Hemmer Media Consulting can help you set up a functional, actionable, and to the point email campaign. Contact us today!

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