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Selling Your Products on Amazon & eBay

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

More and more, small businesses around the country are including Amazon and eBay as a way to reach more customers and gain more traction in the e-commerce world. If you have an original product and want to start selling on Amazon, you will quickly find the ins and outs of the Amazon world are challenging. Whether navigating the application process, to building listings, getting approval into categories, amazon advertising, back-end SEO work, or keyword research on PPC campaigns, Hemmer Media Consulting can do it all.

From None to a Ton

I was hired at Earthworks Health in 2012 to handle their E-commerce operation. At that point in time there was a website and an eBay store. They were handling a ton of orders just from website traffic as they were offering an original product called diatomaceous earth. During this time, my tasks revolved around customer service and making sure orders were organized and handled according to a customer-centrism approach. This really helped me understand what customers were looking for when buying products online.

A year went by and suddenly competition came about and our orders were cut in half. We desperately needed a way to increase orders and fast. Amazon was my first thought. We were quick to act and were accepted as a seller on Amazon. Since we already had a shipping and packaging operation we were able to handle shipments ourselves and enjoy the surge in orders from a growing customer base on Amazon. Because of Amazon, I took a $100,000 dollar business and turned it into a $1 million dollar business that next year. It was incredible!

New Features Bring More Competition

As time went on, Amazon became increasing crowded with sellers looking to offer products and this included our competition. As well as they were researching us, I was hard at work researching Amazon's search engine. There are so many variables that determine the frequency in which your products appear on searches made by Amazon shoppers. Its not as simple as listing a good product. You need to have quality photos, on page optimization, know how to run promotions, know how to research keywords, and now how to plug all that into a superb listing. It can be good listing and be seen by shoppers but it takes a superb listing to get a click.

Hemmer Media Consulting has an approach to Amazon

Whether it be building an entire amazon storefront or helping to optimize ads or listings, we can help. We take a simple and effective approach that we currently use for Earthworks Health. We also do it a little different, we will teach your employees how to run an amazon business effectively. It is quite simple once you learn the ins and outs and what is important. Feel free to take a gander at Earthworks Health's Amazon Storefront. I have helped amass a catalog of products that have well over 10,000 5-Star Reviews combined and almost 5 stars as a seller. I am very proud to say that my formula works and I'm happy to help your business grow on that platform. Please contact me to schedule a free consultation!

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