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Website Marketing For Your Business

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Your website is often the best weapon in your digital marketing and web development plan. If you are using your strategies correctly, website marketing and web development should be something you are invested in. The term digital marketing is so all-encompassing that sometimes the biggest digital marketing asset you have for advertising to a database of potential leads leaves you stumped on how best to use it. Still, your website can be one of your strongest marketing tactics. Using thoughtful strategies, you can promote your brand and attract prospects’ attention from your website.

What to Look For With Website Marketing

Using your website as part of your marketing arm is a great example of inbound marketing at its core. As with any digital marketing strategy, there are certain considerations you should think through before jumping right into website marketing.

Is Your Website Designed Properly?

Before you engage in website marketing, you should first conduct a website audit to make sure your site design is a smooth user experience. Take a look at your site map and make sure it flows well. Is your navigation bar easy to follow? Do all inbound and outbound links work properly and link to the correct pages? Is your search bar function intuitive? Always have someone come in as an outsider and take a look at your website to be sure an outsider has an easy time on the website. Another important step to consider is checking out your site from multiple browsers. Just because it looks top-notch in Firefox, doesn't mean it will look OK on Chrome for other visitors. Same with devices: test out desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Making sure your website can be viewed universally is a staple in website marketing. Before you turn your focus to website marketing strategies, you have to be sure your website is functioning properly for every visitor.

Does Your Website Load Quickly For Visitors?

Another thing you’ll want to look at is load times for your web pages. This will not only impact the user experience, in a bad way if they take too long to load, but long load times also negatively affect SEO. Have you ever went to a website and it took a long time for things to load? Chances are that you did not stay on the site for too long because its frustrating. The algorithms in Google and other search engines take that into account, ranking a slow loading site lower and lower in search results.

Is Your Current Content Focused on Your Target Audience?

If you want to attract visitors to your website, you have to speak to them and what they are looking for. Outside of making sure the website is functional, you need to make sure you have your content focused in terms of your target demographic and goals. Rather than trying to appeal to everyone, make sure your content is deliberately focused on your target market.

Your Website, the Unspoken Marketing Hero

When it comes to website marketing, every action matters. Optimizing your website and making it responsive and informative for your target market puts you leaps and bounds ahead of the game.

Be sure to be deliberate in the options you employ, and you should see success follow.

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